History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

After attending the funeral of his grandfather at the age of 12, Spencer A. Skorupski realized care to the dead and service to the living was his life's calling. He began volunteering at a local funeral home at the age of 14 washing cars and dusting caskets. Spencer completed his apprenticeship in the Metro Detroit area and graduated as Class President from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, the country's oldest school of its type. At the young age of 22, Spencer returned to his hometown area of Bay City to begin his practice in March of 2013. With a $10,000 interest free loan from his father, Spencer was determined to succeed. At that time, Spencer was the youngest funeral home owner in the State of Michigan. Our reputation at Skorupski's has been earned, not inherited. We are humbled to be the area's most highly recommended provider of cremations and burials. Under Spencer's leadership, the firm expanded in 2019 with the acquisition of Reitz-Herzberg Funeral Home in Saginaw Twp. Later in 2020, our brand new Bay County Facility came to fruition, allowing for an additional 5,000 square feet of gathering space and many more much needed parking spaces. Family owned and family focused, Skorupski's continues to provide compassionate care to families in need before, during, and after losing a loved one under the guidance and leadership of our founder, owner, and "Chief Visionary," Spencer A. Skorupski. Retaining only the highest caliber of  employees, The Skorupski Team is known for their sincerity, meticulous attention to detail, and meaningful personalization of ceremonies. 

Our Valued Staff

  • Spencer A. Skorupski, CFSP

    Spencer A. Skorupski, CFSP, Founder & Owner, Licensed Director & Licensed Advance Planner

  • Peggy C. Wesley

    Peggy C. Wesley, Director of Operations

  • Alan Verhagen

    Alan Verhagen, General Manager of Bay County & Licensed Advance Planner

  • Beth Verhagen

    Beth Verhagen, General Manager of Saginaw County & Licensed Advance Planner

  • Blake Ashley

    Blake Ashley, Licensed Director

  • Julie VanTol

    Julie VanTol, Licensed Director

  • Ashlie Tillman Pelc

    Ashlie Tillman Pelc, Life Celebration Planner & Manager of Family Care

  • Bethany Scovill

    Bethany Scovill, Director's Assistant

  • Vicki Close

    Vicki Close, Transfer Specialist & Hostess

  • Cari Figley

    Cari Figley, Hostess

  • Ruth Galonska

    Ruth Galonska, Hostess

  • Kyle Hanley

    Kyle Hanley, Ceremony Assistant & Transfer Specialist

  • Sue Herzberg

    Sue Herzberg, Former Owner of Skorupski’s Saginaw Twp. & Consultant

  • Tom Herzberg

    Tom Herzberg, Former Owner of Skorupski’s Saginaw Twp., Licensed Director & Consultant

  • Larry Jacobs

    Larry Jacobs, Ceremony Assistant & Transfer Specialist

  • Paul Kerbyson

    Paul Kerbyson, Parlor Pianist

  • Thomas Konyak

    Thomas Konyak, Ceremony Assistant

  • Gerald Madaleno

    Gerald Madaleno, Ceremony Assistant

  • Alma Medina

    Alma Medina, Hostess

  • Linda Montry

    Linda Montry, Hostess

  • Mary Nicholson

    Mary Nicholson, Hostess

  • Chris Potter

    Chris Potter, Hostess

  • Joseph Roznowski

    Joseph Roznowski, Ceremony Assistant & Transfer Specialist

  • Diane Seliskar

    Diane Seliskar, Hostess

  • Linda Steep

    Linda Steep, Hostess

  • Debbie Verhaeghe Gallagher

    Debbie Verhaeghe Gallagher, Licensed Advance Planner & Hostess

  • Timothy Wisniewski

    Timothy Wisniewski, Senior Ceremony Assistant & Transfer Specialist

  • Mary Jane Yatch

    Mary Jane Yatch, Hostess

  • Frank Zielinski

    Frank Zielinski, Ceremony Assistant