Cuddles The Comfort Bear

Cuddles the Comfort Bear was born on March 1, 2013, at Skorupski Family Funeral Home. Cuddles brings comfort, smiles, and hugs to those when they need it the most. Unlike most bears, he does not like honey; instead he craves helping people by soaking up their tears when they have lost someone dear and making the uncomfortable a little more …Bearable. He hibernates when he can at Skorupski’s, but is out quite frequently at many community events.

Each child who enters the doors of Skorupski’s is welcomed to receive and take home a miniature Cuddles. Cuddles is a tool we use at Skorupski’s to make children feel not only welcomed, but comfortable in the often unfamiliar funeral home setting. We encourage families to include their children of all ages to participate in some way at a funeral. These early introductions to the funeral process help develop children and create an understanding of early grief.

To request the Cuddles mascot at your community event, please contact us.