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We have years of experience in caring for families, so you can truly trust and count on us as we create healing experiences with sincerity, care, and warmth. Choosing cremation instead of a casket provides a variety of solutions when it comes to personalization. You can select a beautiful memorial urn. Or, maybe you prefer the ashes to be kept in a piece of keepsake jewelry. Another option is to scatter the ashes outdoors. 

We are here to provide the care and support you need for funeral and cremation planning. Call to schedule a consultation to discuss these options with an experienced funeral director: (989) 790-7334.

Choose an Experienced Funeral Home and Cremation Provider in Freeland, MI

The selection of a funeral home and cremation in Freeland, MI might be one of the most important decisions you will make regarding the upcoming event for your loved one. How do you want the person to be remembered? It is essential that you design the services to create a memorable gathering for both friends and family.

Our team offers the personalized, full-service approach you need for creating a custom event. When you reach out, you will receive the highest level of care from a funeral planning staff that honors your desires and traditions. We are here to help with both immediate planning and pre-arrangements as needed.

Funeral Planning: For the Deceased and the Living

While certain aspects of funeral planning are focused on the needs of the deceased, many details of these services are designed to care for the needs of the living. Typically, funeral planning begins by looking at options to lay the person to rest, such as burial services or cremation services. You need to decide where the remains should be placed and how you want it to be done.

Choosing burial services doesn’t mean that you are limited to a casket in the ground. Some families choose cremation, then place the urn in a local burial plot. Regardless of the way the remains are placed in the ground, you always have the flexibility of designing personalized monuments and markers to honor the memories of the deceased.

At the same time, you also need to consider how you are supporting loved ones in finding healing and closure in the situation. The funeral service, memorial service, or celebration of life is the perfect opportunity to give people a time to mourn their loss. This event can be formal and traditional, or you might prefer a celebratory experience that is designed around the things the person loved.

Funeral and Cremation Care in Freeland, MI

Our funeral home staff offers years of experience helping families in the community. We understand that it can be a challenging, emotional time when you need to say goodbye to a loved one. So, we offer the ongoing care and support you need through all stages of this process.

When you choose our team, it feels good knowing that you are working with event planning experts. We promise the highest levels of respect for your loved one. At the same time, unbeatable care is provided to the living family members. We want you to have a beautiful event so you can look back with fondness about the memories that were shared over the years.

These services encompass everything needed for a quality funeral service. For example, we coordinate the paperwork and administrative details required for insurance, death certificates, and more. Additionally, we can oversee the communication for burial and cremation, including scheduling with the cemetery for the upcoming event. Your family also has access to grief resources, helping you move forward when the funeral services are over.

Quality Funeral Products for Your Unique Service

When you are selecting funeral products, remember that these items can be personalized as desired. For example, you can choose from a variety of caskets and urns offered through our funeral home. Or, you are welcome to bring other products if you have specific items that you would like to use.

We can also provide the guidance and services needed for customized monuments and markers. These items will be visible in the cemetery, which is why you need to be deliberate in selecting the message and design that honors your loved one. Many different materials and design options are available, giving you a way to create a lasting memory of the deceased.

You deserve quality services for funeral home and cremation planning in Freeland, MI, which is why our team is here to support through all of the decisions that need to be faced. Whether you are looking for a simple cremation, or you want a traditional funeral, we are here to help with everything from event planning to product selection.

Pre-Arrangements: Funeral Planning for the Future

Funeral planning doesn’t have to be a last-minute experience when a loved one passes away. Our team is equipped to help when immediate services are needed. Families can reach out to receive care and support as soon as it is needed.

We encourage you to consider the benefits of pre-arrangements for funeral services. This approach means that you can design the services instead of leaving these decisions to your loved ones. Preplanning gives you control over the cost of the event and specific details that will be included in your services.

As you are learning more about your options, we encourage you to schedule a preplanning consultation with our experienced team. Call us to learn about your many options for funeral and cremation services in Freeland, MI.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

What are the types of services and burial options to decide for pre-planning?

  • Cemetery lot location
  • Casket type; cremation urn type
  • Vault or sectional crypt
  • Type of service: religious, military, non-denominational, or fraternal
  • The contact details for the funeral home you designate to care for you
  • Pallbearers, music, flowers, scripture or other readings
  • Charity to receive donations in lieu of flowers, if donations are preferred
  • Select the speakers and the eulogies that you would want to represent you.
  • Decide what organizations or church will benefit from memorial donations in your name.
  • Learn more about our services here.

What’s a good grief support organization?

Things to take note of when writing a eulogy?

  • Interview family and friends
  • Tell a story (or stories)
  • Don’t think about it as public speaking
  • Keep it brief
  • Read it out loud
  • Humor heals
  • Take a deep breath
  • Learn more.